PictureKeyboardist Nicolas Quinteros
KZF: Feel free to introduce yourself to the fans.

NQ: I'm Nicolás Quinteros, Delta's Keyboardplayer (www.deltachile.com), and I'm from Chile, Southamerica.
I've been playing with lots of artists from Metal to Pop music and I also have an instrumental project called "Q" wich is most of fusion music. I'm glad of being part of the Klavitara Zagreb Festival 2014.


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On April 16, 12:10pm (CET), Keyboard player Mistheria have an interview on Radio 101 (Zagreb, Croatia), together with the guitarist Ivan Mihaljevic. If you are around Croatia or online, tune in! During the radio program you've the chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS for the concert! The interview is now available here:
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Drummer, Teacher, Producer, Session Player, John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, Symphony X, James Labrie, TNT, Riot, Malmsteen, Union Radio, Jennifer Batten, Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Sambora, to name a few) will play on the stage of the KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival for the evening concert! Here is John's message for you ...
Full interview recorded at Radio Student in Zagreb (Croatia) on March 26, 2014 with keyboard player Mistheria (founder of the festival) and Rock Akademija's director Ladislav Racic (organizer).