The most known, prestigious and remarked music school in Zagreb and over Croatia, the ROCK AKADEMIJA directed by Prof. Ladislav Racic, officially joins the organization of the KLAVITARA ZAGREB FESTIVAL.




Since a couple years, I've been thinking about a Keyboard & Guitar festival! This month of December 2013, I started to feel that the time to make it real came! So, I made a call to my long time friend Guglielmo Malusardi - my big brother aka "metal maniac" :-) in Milano, Italy - was inevitable; Guglielmo is the "bible of guitarists" and I would say, a music encyclopedia! In short, he really knows musicians, he interviews them for the Italian music magazine Axe and, most important and fantastic, he followed and follows them in their career, having attended thousand of concerts all over the world! Last but not least, Guglielmo has co-organized a lot of music events over Europe such as the Guitar Day in Milano over 7 years, 3 editions of the Chitarelor in Bucharest, Noche de Guitarras a Peralta and the great “Not Dead Yet” tribute festival to Jason Becker in Harleem. Which better experienced person than him to have in the staff? So, the call was immediately in the right direction: "let's do it!" we said both.

This story started this way ... hope you can follow the rest of story with us ... ;-)

All the best,