The KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival staff would like to thank LIVE4GUITAR - guitar community and video lessons - for the sponsorship and the great support during the event.

We thank LIVE4GUITAR's guitar players and teachers Dragianni, Emir Hot, Damjan Pejcinoski, Muris Varajic which joined their forces and skills bringing live an amazing "Balkan G4" performance!

Picturephoto by Goran Babić
The KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival staff would like to thank DV MARK for the sponsorship and the great support during the event.

DV MARK artist, impressive Italian guitar player Marco Sfogli together with his "Multiamp" and "4x12 DV Mark cabinet" have given to the audience an unforgettable top performance totally rocking the stage, it has been a blast!

Also, thanks to the Croatian distributor Music Metropolis for their local support and providing the gear.

World renowned Marco Sfogli, one of the most influential and followed progressive rock and metal guitar player of the last years, announces his participation in the KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival!
KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival officially announce the sponsorship with two top-quality music brands from Italy! We're really proud that DV Mark and MarkBass support our music event with their amazing music gear for guitar and bass players and with their official top-class endorsers Marco Sfogli (guitar) and Dino Fiorenza (bass). 
100% Made in Italy guitar amps using cutting-edge technology!
High-quality bass amps, cabinets and combos from Italy!
Macedonian guitarist, Damjan Pejcinoski started playing guitar at the age of 6, however he showed real interest in guitars when he was 14. In June 2007 Damjan graduated at the Music Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. He collected several awards as "Best Guitarist" such as "Rock Fest" (2002), "Truth in Shredding" and "Strings on Fire" (2009), "Zuia Chitarelor" (2010), “Shred this too with Marco Sfogli” (2011) and more. In May 2010, Damjan joined the Macedonian Eurovision team and performed at the Eurovision show in Oslo, Norway. He performed with Jennifer Batten, Michael Lee Firkins, Stu Hamm, Andreas Oberg and Dave Martone at the jam session show at ZC3. Damjan is endorsed by PRS guitar company (USA) receiving a custom-made guitar and becoming the first Balkan player ever endorsed by the PRS family. He is also endorser of the ARTEC effect pedals and Reunion blues gig bags.

Marco Sfogli is credited as one of the most influential and followed progressive rock and metal guitar player of the last years.

Marco has played and performed both on stage and in studio with a variety of artists so far including James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, Virgil Donati, John Macaluso, Adam Nitti, Matt Guillory, Peter Wichers, Peter Wildoer, Ray Riendeau, Mike Mangini, Bryan Beller and many more.

He’s also part of the NY based prog band “Creation’s End” and the all star band “Neon Karma”. Now member of the James LaBrie band (Dream Theater).

Marco's endorsments:
Ibanez and LAG guitars, DV Mark amps, DiMarzio Pickups, D’Addario strings, Two Notes Engineering, GruvGear, TC Electronic, Fractal Audio Effects.