Thanks to V3SOUND


The KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival staff would like to thank V3SOUND for the sponsorship and the great support during the event.

VIENNA GRAND PIANO module offers that Piano Sound which any stage musician loves, a unique sound with the perfect dynamic, brilliance and power for Rock music!

Keyboard players Mistheria and Nicolas Quinteros which performed at the KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival kindly thank V3SOUND for the great support!
Thanks to CME for having been our sponsor! 

During the evening concert, the CME artist and keyboard virtuoso Mistheria performed on the XKey showing how such a small portable keyboard can offer amazing and huge features! The XKey works anywhere, anytime!

Here the video clip from the performance at Sax Music Club in Zagreb (Croatia) on June 7th, 2014:

Unfortunately, French keyboard player Vivien Lalu will not perform at the festival on June 7th as previously announced. He had to cancel his participation "because of personal reasons", how he explained his decision.
PictureKeyboardist Nicolas Quinteros
KZF: Feel free to introduce yourself to the fans.

NQ: I'm Nicolás Quinteros, Delta's Keyboardplayer (, and I'm from Chile, Southamerica.
I've been playing with lots of artists from Metal to Pop music and I also have an instrumental project called "Q" wich is most of fusion music. I'm glad of being part of the Klavitara Zagreb Festival 2014.

Vivien Lalu is a French musician, composer and record producer essentially known for his progressive/metal projects LALU and Shadrane. He's also a soundtrack composer whose credits include a Warner Bros movie and various TV shows/ documentary films. Vivien Lalu has released a surplus of recordings through an array of different bands and projects since 1997, as the keyboard player for underground black/doom band Time For A Change.

Atomic Ark is the new Lalu's cinematic progressive metal project. His assembled all-star cast reads like a "who's who" of progressive and power metal featuring Virgil Donati (PlanetX), Mike LePond (SymphonyX), Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

Vivien Lalu is endorsed by Roland.

Interview (available both in Croatian and English) with Italian keyboard player Mistheria about the Festival on Gitare.Info

Nicolás Quinteros is a Chilean composer, arranger, keyboard player and thereminist born in 1984. He started playing at the age of 13 always involved with Rock music. Founder and composer of the Progressive Rock/Metal band DELTA. Also composer and founder of the instrumental rock project called “Q”. Besides his own projects, Nicolas has performed for great national and international artists such as the Mexican pop queen Yuri, the amazing fusion jazz guitar player Angel Parra and the great metal singer Tim Ripper Owens just to name a few. 

Mistheria is an Italian piano, keyboards, keytar, organ player, producer and composer from Italy engaged both on Classical and Rock / Metal music genres. Besides his solo career, Mistheria gained is name thanks to the several and prestigious collaborations, both in studio and live, with many artists and bands all over the world such as Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z, Rob Rock, Neil Zaza, John West, John Macaluso, Mark Boals, Anders Johansson, Barry Sparks, to name a few.

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